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FiFi Rong

Chinese-British Avant-Pop Artist/Producer

Join my Music NFT Journey  & Let's Build! πŸ‘‡

Music was once an impossible dream. 

But now, it’s my calling to bring my Chinese Heritage infused Avant-Pop music onto the world stage using Web3's infinite powers, and along the way, help as many other independent artists to make a sustainable living off their greatest passion as possible.

Having chosen to be a full-time independent music artist, FREEDOM is my top value in every sense of the word. That means CREATIVE and FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Music NFT makes it possible, and I want to show you how.

 With no middlemen and no filter, I blend Avant-Pop, Alt R&B, Ambient Electronica, and dark UK underground sounds with a tint of Vermilion in my blood. 

So journey with me for full of Music NFT adventures ahead!

fifi xx<3

 What others say..

I've personally witnessed, countless times, Fifi's incredible ability to introduce musicians to the world of web3. Her warm, friendly approach and wide-reaching knowledge have helped people to make the life-changing leap into NFT music.

Robin from Nifty Music, UK

Fifi helping us with our artist strategy/ artist community development/ artist onboarding has been something that has really changed the game for us as well as the lives of the artists who trust us with their music. It’s been a really special journey with her and definitely one we would repeat time and again given the opportunity.

Jason from Noizd, Belgium

FiFi is a ray of sunshine. She offers so much for the art, the culture and the future of those communities. An amazing soul who is loving support for the collective.

- Peven from The Gorillaz, USA

When I showed up clueless to the Web3 world, I luckily found Fifi and her Twitter Spaces early in my journey. Her generosity with her extensive knowledge and experience was absolutely invaluable.

- Genzo, Grammy winning producer/artist, USA

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