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Tier 1 - Lao Tzu 

  • Lao Tzu Blue VIP Membership Card with Exclusive Branded Lanyard

  • Entire Catalogue of Fifi Rong Music, Videos & Collaborations 

  • ​Exclusive Work-In-Progress Demos, Production, Photos, and Videos

  • Yi Jing Online Shows: FREE Tickets & Exclusive BTS Content 

  • Instant Access to Fifi Rong's latest Virtual Backstage Pass 

Tier 2 - Confucius 

Includes EVERYTHING In Tier 1-Lao Tzu, Plus...

  • Black Confucius VIP Membership Card with Exclusive Branded Lanyard 

  • Unlimited VIP Backstage Pass to ALL Fifi Rong Live Shows (Online/In-Person)

  • Yi Jing Live shows Best quality Audio/Video Instant Download 

  • ​Exclusive VIP Monthly Zoom Hangout 

  • 5%​​​​ Merch Discount from online store

  • ​​First-in-line for Fifi Rong NFTs

  • ​BONUS - Limited Team Fifinity 100% Cotton T-shirt for yearly membership

Tier 3 - Empress Wu 

Includes EVERYTHING In ALL Lower Tiers, Plus...

  • Silver Empress Wu VIP Membership Card with Exclusive Branded Lanyard

  • ​Free Tickets to all Fifi Rong's in-person/online Live Shows 

  • ​Birthday Video Shout out & Sing You Birthday Song in Eng/Chi every year

  • 10%​​​​ Merch Discount from online store

  • ​BONUS - FREE VIP Merch Bundle for yearly membership:

VIP Merch Bundle
includes Fifi Rong logo/Team Fifinity branded

-100% Cotton T-shirt

-64GB 3.0 USB with full up-to date Discography and tailored exclusive content

-Pop Socket


-Keyring Bracelet

-Fridge Magnet

Tier 4 - Jun Zi

Includes EVERYTHING In ALL Lower Tiers, Plus...

  • Gold Jun Zi VIP Membership Card with Exclusive Branded Lanyard

  • ​VIP Hangout (Coffee, Lunch etc) When In Town 

  • ​Your Name on Liner note of ALL future Physical Releases: CD, Vinyl etc.

  • Personal postcards written to you when I travel 

  • 1:1 VIP call every 6 months 

  • 15%​​​​ Merch Discount from online store

Tier 5 - Vermillion

Includes EVERYTHING In ALL Lower Tiers, Plus...

  • ​Vermillion Red VIP Membership Card with Exclusive Branded Lanyard

  • ​​Rare NFT (£1000+ Value) Gift for yearly membership

  • ​One of the following...

​  A Custom Song 

written for you/with you for a special occasion, or to tell your most significant story


A Private Online Show

A personalised show with 6 songs of your choice just for you and your loved ones


  Unleash Your Inner Artist

1:1 monthly Creative Writing/Coaching Session with me on

Artistry, Songwriting, Production, or/and the Web 2 & 3 Indie Music Business

Fifi Rong

Avant-Pop Vocalist

Songwriting, Music Producer

My name is Fifi Rong. I'm a full-time independent singer, songwriter, and music producer. Freedom is my number 1 value in life. I write, record, produce, and mix in my own home studio, so every sound you hear is directly from my heart to your ears with no filter, middleman or compromises, because I AM my own music and art factory.

Music was once an impossible dream, until I freed myself to answer my deepest calling through 2 decades of internal and external struggles from China to the UK. 

Thanks to my dedicated fans who understand my mission by supporting me on a sustainable basis, I get to continue working full-time towards bringing my Chinese heritage into the world-class modern Pop music independently with full integrity, honesty and freedom. 

I have dedicated my entire life to serve the world with my art and to create a legacy of cultural significance. And the purpose of this VIP membership is for you to facilitate my calling. You can now directly help me to break through the noise wall in today's highly saturated world.

Mastering the art of writing, performing, and production skills is a never-ending cycle. I'll always be learning, growing and sharing with you in our closed intimate inner-circle. 

There is an old Chinese proverb that says an artist spends 10 years’ training off stage to be able perform just one minute on stage. You can think of my official releases in public as the ‘one minute on stage’, and being a VIP member gets to see and take part in the 10 years ‘off-stage’ behind-the-scenes craft and access to my creative life.

I am excited to make an on-going promise to you and to myself, to always provide a continuous stream of music and content of the highest quality as I grow and evolve as an artist. The only standard I would ever accept is exceeding my current self.

P.S. you can cancel or change your membership tier at any time, for any reason!

fifi xx<3


Wake You


In My Head


Down The River


VIP Experience

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